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COVID-19 has changed everything about running a healthcare practice.

Path Forward’s US-based team is ready to support your IT, patient communication and cyber security needs so we all #ComeBackStronger.

As regions and states begin planning for re-opening, healthcare practices have a chance to shape, influence and improve their future state.

  • Do you have the rapid communications channels in place to reach sub-groups of staff and patients in the event of a confirmed infection?
  • Does your practice have built-in scheduling protocols to be able to seamlessly pivot to telehealth appointments?
  • Screening will continue to be critical before seeing any patients. Find out about our text-based, interactive tool for screening and visit instructions.
  • With the addition of telehealth and work-from-home capabilities, what does a minimum on-site staff model look like for your practice for the different phases back to reopening?
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Site Capacity:  Reopening guidelines indicate reductions in the total number of people – staff and patients – allowed on-site at any given time. What does a minimum on-site staff model look like? Our team can help configure an agile staffing model that allows a practice to rotate in-office clinic days vs. work-from-home telehealth days.

Telehealth Suites: A more permanent telehealth set-up allows providers to easily switch between telehealth and in-person appointments throughout the day. Our AV Services team converts exam rooms into professional telehealth suites, equipped with multiple monitors, high-quality web cams, microphones and improved network configuration for high-volumes of streaming.


Extra capacity: Preparing for and navigating through the reopening phases will definitely stretch healthcare practices to the limits, especially after so many practices had to make difficult staff reductions. We can set up a scaleable, on-demand model to give your practice access to IT professionals and patient call center staff on a consumption based model.


Long-term, secure, work-from-home configurations: To make a flexible staffing model work, many practices will need to revisit the work-from-home configurations that were initially set up to ensure they enable staff to work seamlessly in the longer term. This includes ensuring data security, high speed internet for telehealth streaming, promoting better team collaboration and providing more robust workstations and monitors.


COVID-19 screening via text: Path Forward has developed a text-based automated COVID-19 screening program where all patients scheduled for the next business day can receive an interactive text message with basic screening questions and answers to ensure they’re not reporting any symptoms. This system can also be used to notify patients of any instructions for appointment arrival and building entry.


Emergency text messaging to practice staff: In the event of a confirmed infection or staff illness, having the ability to send real-time texts to the entire staff, or certain staff sub-groups, all from a centrally managed communication will be vital.

Emergency text messaging to patients: Keeping patients informed of last-minute changes to clinic availability will be critical, and traditional phone call notification will be too slow to keep patients from showing up to appointments that day.


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Rescheduling appointments:  At the first indication it’s safe to re-open, patients will be clamoring to get the first available appointments. Having a strategic plan in place ahead of time will ensure your practice is able to quickly and efficiently prioritize appointments and welcome new patients, all while ensuring patients aren’t waiting on hold for hours on end.


Telehealth vs. canceling appointments: Undoubtedly, there will be immediate changes to clinic schedules due to staff illness or other circumstances. Our sophisticated workflow technology, iVY Works, gives your scheduling center built-in, real-time instructions so scheduling staff know exactly which appointment types, patients and providers can be moved to telehealth at any given time.


Responding to a constant flux: Staff availability, onsite vs. telehealth – we can expect all of these variables to change at a much more frequent rate than before. Sending a series of email alerts and updates will only add to the confusion. iVY Works makes updates to scheduling preferences and availability in real-time, systemically, so with the next phone call, it’s clear to know who is where and when.


More than minimum security requirements: During this crisis, HIPAA has relaxed some rules, and unfortunately hackers have started taking advantage of that. Not all telehealth platforms are the same. Our team will work to ensure your current solution is configured to the highest security standards without impacting the usability for providers or patients.


Remote scans of WFH configurations: In the haste to move practices, essentially overnight, to remote access, best-in-class processes and procedures may have been abbreviated. Our team can conduct a remote scan to help identify vulnerabilities and provide security patching services as needed.

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