Company Overview


We Believe in Better

Committed to Better

At Path Forward, we are not satisfied with status quo. We see opportunities for better processes, better ways of interacting with patients, better ways of integrating physician’s office systems. We believe better exists and we are passionate about making better a reality for healthcare providers and their patients.

Experience that Matters

We are well-versed in nearly every EHR system on the market today because we’ve worked with them. We supported thousands of physicians through their initial EHR conversion, and along the way, we learned a lot. Those hard-earned insights helped establish best practices that help us guide our clients and quickly troubleshoot their EHR issues.

Understand Healthcare

Powered by People Who Truly Understand Healthcare

Our team is immersed in the world of our healthcare clients, closely following changing regulations that might impact things like HIPAA or value-based care, and trends like the increase of sub-specialization within practices.

We are passionate about staying current on the newest innovations and technologies in the healthcare space, but we also value our deep understanding of the established platforms that so many of our clients still use today.


Nick Recker

Dana BowlingDana Bowling
Director of Business Development

Katie PowersKatie Powers
Director of Human Resources

Tabby StoeppelTabby Stoeppel
Director of Technology Support Services

Dale MontgomeryDale Montgomery
Director of Information Systems