Path Forward History

It started in 2002 as an IT help desk for one. Path Forward founder Nick Recker began his career servicing a busy doctor’s computer and helping him to use PowerPoint. Recker quickly realized that – for healthcare providers – technology was a business necessity that, rightly, took a back seat to delivering high-quality patient care. He soon expanded his business into an IT support model for busy doctors. Path Forward IT was born.

Becoming a trusted, onsite partner to medical practices exposed the growing Path Forward team to the complexities of patient care. Being responsive to patient needs is crucial to a successful practice, and the bulk of patient interactions starts with a phone call. This insight sparked the entrepreneurial inclinations and solutions-focused mindset of our team. We no longer simply supported clients on day-to-day issues to ensure business continuity, we sought to leverage technology to improve their operations and empower growth.

Over the years, Path Forward pioneered new solutions for the healthcare market before expanding our focus to other sectors of business for which our offerings remedied pain points. Being an on-the-ground, trusted resource for clients exposed us to their operational struggles, bottlenecks and vulnerabilities – many of which we knew could be alleviated with the right tools and applications. These insights and experiences fueled our team’s passion to deliver practical technology solutions to maximize performance and growth objectives.

Today our collective enterprise is composed of 600+ team members and growing quickly.

Company History

  • 2002

    Path Forward IT is founded as an IT support provider for doctors.
  • 2013

    LYP Contact Center is launched to provide 24-hour patient engagement through an outsourced call center that seamlessly integrates with medical practices.
  • 2017

    The very first version of PatientSync is released, arming call centers and medical offices with workflow intelligence to personalize and streamline the patient experience.
  • 2021

    Our three offerings are rebranded from being grouped into one name Path Forward, into the distinct brands they are today: Path Forward IT, LYP Contact Center and PatientSync to give each more space to grow. Blue Alliance is founded, creating a growth accelerator investing in technology companies around the nation. Uniting Path Forward’s independently operated, acquired IT businesses, Blue Alliance embraces the local, relationship-based service model while providing partner companies with shared services, specialized expertise and business development resources.

Today's Path Forward

Today, Path Forward and our brands readily collaborate to pioneer tomorrow’s innovations to alleviate today’s challenges. We continue to employ the entrepreneurial mindset upon which the company was founded – it’s the impetus behind the success of our brands today. With a head for technology and a heart for customer service, Path Forward’s brands partner with clients to understand pain points and areas of vulnerability to ensure we deliver the services needed today while devising a road map for the future.


Core Values

We value relationships and embrace an inclusive set of core values that we consider non-negotiable. They lay the foundation upon which our company was built, and they serve as a beacon for our team. It’s why our very first client in 2002 continues to partner with us today.

We go out of our way to prioritize others’ needs
We propose solutions, we don’t pass the buck
We treat others as we want to be treated
We’re honest and forthright at all times
We say what we mean, and mean what we say
We listen to others’ emotions and expectations

Our commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Belonging is built into the core values that shape our company culture and how we ACT:

  • We have an established Commitment to create and support an inclusive and diverse culture
  • We demonstrate the Courage to stand up and speak up for what is right and fair
  • We show we Care about each other by valuing each member for who they are
  • We Communicate in order to include voices and reasoning from multiple perspectives
  • We listen with an open mind to include perspectives and remain ready to course Correct
  • We strive to Connect our culture on multiple levels in order to inspire a universal sense of belonging