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Path Forward offers a combination of technical and compliance expertise.

We don’t just check the box, we systemically improve your organization’s compliance posture. From internal policies to firewall settings, we’ve got you covered.

Today’s complex regulatory environment requires one organization that can help you with everything. Compliance isn’t a single action, plan or policy, it’s interwoven into every practice decision and patient interaction. We understand the independencies and underlying technology and that expertise is translated into our comprehensive annual HIPAA risk assessments, best-in-class practices for quickly building plans and policies, network security patches and even guidance in the event of a breach.

We’ll design the right size engagement based precisely on your practice’s needs. Whether we engage in a brief consultation or a full DR simulation, our team will help you consider the whole picture.

Together, we’ll conquer:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Organizational Compliance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Continuity


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Our team has a deep understanding of HIPAA and decades of healthcare technology experience that inform our best-in-class practices for risk assessment and remediation.

Planning and Oversight
  • Annual HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • Facilitate compliance committee meetings
  • Provide updates on regulations, including changing interpretation and enforcement
  • Develop and present compliance reports and communication
  • Audit preparation

Compliance Training
  • HIPAA Training:
    • New hire and existing employee refresher training
  • CMS Training:
    • FWA, HSW, Cultural Competence, etc.
  • IT Security Training (HIPAA/CMS regulations): phishing, acceptable use, access controls
  • Organizational Training: practice policies, procedures


We apply our extensive understanding of the HIPAA technical criteria to confirm your plan meets every requirement.

Policy Review, Development, and Implementation
  • Guide your organization through compliance documentation including:
    • Manuals, forms, policies and procedures
    • Patient-facing documents
  • Review and update existing documentation
  • Develop and implement new policies


Inquiry and Incident Response
  • Investigate and assess actual and/or suspected HIPAA incidents
  • Assistance preparing responses: requests for information, potential and/or actual breaches


If you’re uncertain about any aspect of HIPAA security measures, policies, or if you just want to understand best practices for password management, our team can provide the expertise you need to address any gaps. We offer any level of consulting engagement.

Vendor Oversight
  • Guide risk assessment to identify and classify vendors
  • Develop vendor oversight processes: validate, monitor, audit vendor compliance with CMS, HIPAA, PCI and other regulatory requirements, corrective action plans


Internal Control Effectiveness
  • Assess and implement internal controls
  • Develop internal audit and monitoring plans
  • Assist Compliance Committee with oversight and continuous improvement