Digital Marketing By Healthcare Experts

75% of People Search for Medical Providers Online

Digital marketing is more important than ever for growing your practice. A website alone just isn’t sufficient for reaching new patients at that critical point when they are deciding which provider to call.

Our Approach:


We are not a full-service marketing agency. We know the healthcare market really well, and we also have a deep expertise in digital marketing – it’s a powerful combination. Our services are meant to work within your overall marketing strategy, not in place of them. We simply want to help people know just how great you are and drive them back to your website.

At Path Forward, we get it. Marketing isn’t your first priority – Your patients are!


Our mission is to look out for you. We take care of your operational improvement wish list so you can stay focused on patient care – think Healthcare IT, Patient Access, Disaster Recovery and Digital Marketing – we do it all!

Our Digital Marketing team works in tandem with your existing marketing efforts.


We use your established brand and messaging and take it to new levels – digitally – reaching prospective patients, helping build your profile and reputation, influencing the decisions of people searching for your expertise and services.

Services Offered:

  • Keyword Development, Analysis & Insights
  • SEO Optimization & Retargeting Strategies
  • Patient Acquisition Campaigns
  • Social Media Profile Development & Enhancement (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Content Development and Implementation
  • Blogs and Vlogs (video blogs)
  • Establishing Citations and Reciprocity Opportunities
  • Optimization of Google Ads, Google Maps and Google Metrics
  • Competitive Tracking
  • Ongoing Metrics and Analytics

Establish Trust:


Substance is important to online patient engagement. For most practices, the services offered and symptoms they treat don’t set them apart from the other providers in the area. That’s why it’s important to give patients something more.


Our content strategy capability works hand-in-hand with our search engine optimization (SEO) and Facebook strategies. Our team creates content that helps present your expertise, thought leadership, successes, and most importantly your practice name, within the context of helpful information, insights or perspectives. Patients begin to perceive your practice as a trusted advisor, raising your profile to a new level.

Upstream Acquisition:



The key to attracting new patients via digital marketing is to create awareness with future patients before they realize they need your services. At Path Forward, we design campaigns and content that engages patients during the self-diagnosis and self-treatment phase (think Google search).


Using our proprietary methodology, we make sure your practice appears in context of relevant search engine results and social media platforms, establishing awareness and trust with your future patients. We create opportunities to help guide them to your practice when the time is right.

The goal of Path Forward Digital Marketing is to grow your practice and increase your revenue.



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