Here are Some Things that People Commonly Ask Us.

What specialties do you work with?

It depends on the service offering. Our Ivy SaaS services are available to any practice or healthcare system. Any practice using our Ivy SaaS services can also use Ivy On-Demand to take overflow and after-hours calls, ensuring their patient calls are handled 24/7/365. Our Ivy 24/7 service is only available to orthopaedic practices. Like physicians, we choose to specialize our full service outsourcing based on technical platform similarities in the field.

Can patients, in any way, tell the call is not being answered by the practice?

Not at all. It’s completely invisible to the patient. Our guided workflow scripts the operator to the exact greeting and phone specifications of the practice. The integration with the practice’s system enables real-time scheduling for single call resolution. All caller ID and hold music is matched to the client specifications.

Does your product work with my existing phone system?

No. Our solution, Ivy Connect, is a specialized cloud-based phone system. When utilizing our services in any capacity, all of your inbound calls come through the Ivy Connect phone system where your employees (and potentially our employees) answer the calls using this cloud-based phone system. By streamlining through one phone system, your patient calls are put into a single queue, allowing for a seamless patient experience, 24/7/365, as well as consistent data reporting, analytics, and quality control.

Just to clarify, does that mean you won't use our phone system?

Correct. We will not. However, in some circumstances, practices using Ivy could forward calls to us. Ask us to be sure!

Can you take after-hours calls without utilizing your Ivy product?

No. Our 24/7 service is designed to work in tandem with the client’s office, integrated with their PM and EHR systems. We are not an after-hours call center, and we do not offer that as an independent service.

Where is your staff located?

All of our staff is located in the United States, based primarily in southwest Ohio and northern Florida.

Do your patient care associates utilize our PM/EHR?

Our staff works directly in your practice management and electronic health record. We have an internal team of application specialists that keeps our team trained on all major systems. In some cases we have direct interfaces available for your PM/EHR, which allows Ivy to communicate directly with your systems to book appointments or send clinical messages.

Can we purchase Ivy SaaS without Ivy Perform?

No. Our product is a combination of software as a service, expert guidance, 24/7 workflow management, and employee performance management. When one of those is missing, the outcome is inconsistent. We sell them together to ensure the highest levels of performance for our clients.