Healthcare IT


We Only Serve Healthcare Practices

We have a great understanding of environments like yours because we’ve worked with hundreds of healthcare practices.
We know the demands of your time, the priorities for your people, your workflows, and your EHR applications as well as the industry protocols for privacy, security and HIPAA compliance.

Our Services are Designed Just For You

We understand your clinicians need to be as productive as possible and that’s how we set up our model. We’re available 24/7 to serve as your help desk or act as your complete IT team. One size does not fit all when it comes to Healthcare IT.

All the services you need now or in the future are accounted for in a single agreement, nothing is out of scope. Our time-based billing model removes delays and red tape so we can simply keep working to fulfill any request from EHR troubleshooting to AV support and automation.

Your project manager is a technical person who’s high functioning and a good communicator. We work as an extension of the practice so it doesn’t make sense for your daily point of contact to be a sales person.

We Think Beyond Traditional IT

We’re here to help you run your practice better and that means looking at the whole picture.


For practices looking to expand – either through organic growth or through M&A – we create the IT template that helps quickly get these groups up and running on your systems, within a single networked environment and domain.


Our interface and integration team seamlessly connects our client systems to their broader partners. We keep practices connected with cutting edge communication systems, audio/visual services including Tele-health enablement. We also offer home automation services exclusively for physicians of our client practices.


Even the best security settings can’t always keep up with the hackers. If ransomware strikes or a disaster occurs, we can make sure your patients don’t suffer for it. Our specialized healthcare data recovery system makes your EHR completely accessible and usable – from anywhere and within minutes of any event.