iVY Connect


iVY Connect

A Single, Disaster-Proof Phone System that Supports Every Location
of your Practice

Imagine if your phone coverage and scheduling desk weren’t restricted to certain locations. Suddenly, your staffing options become a lot more agile.

Inclement weather and power outages don’t affect your phone system because it’s not hardwired into your physical location. It’s always up and running.

Call data is automatically generated from every call to your practice. Imagine what you can do with a better snapshot of new patient scheduling patterns, booking preferences, hold times and the performance of marketing campaigns.

The Caller’s Experience is Seamless and the Location Difference is Undetectable.

How does it work?

iVY Connect is a cloud based phone system that works universally in any environment with your existing equipment using any web browser.

It provides secure, remote access and features including text, online chat and phone recording.

iVY Works is integrated with the iVY Connect cloud-based phone system, supported by the professional services of iVY Perform .


Fully Customizable: Built to mirror your practice from greeting, to hold music, and more.

VIP Treatment: CallerID prompts a custom greeting and automatic prioritization or routing to the right care team. This feature also works for team partnerships. Customized access lines for high school or professional sports teams ensure they receive the level of service promised.

Expanded Team: iVY Connect allows our contact center to jump in to help with your call volume anytime.

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