Path Forward: Now Blue Alliance IT

Nick Recker

CEO and Founder

Ross Bushman


Shaun Sexton

Founding Partner

Mike Estep

Founding Partner

Peter Bajalcaliev

Chief Technology Officer

Dale Montgomery

Chief Technology Officer

Katie Powers

Chief People Officer

Ashlee Birt

Chief Information Officer

Mindy Smyth

Vice President of Communications

Blake Boyd

Chief Revenue Officer

Kathy Forman

VP of Finance

Erin Pulsfort

VP of Integrations

Path Forward IT Leadership

Tabby Stoeppel

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Haines

Chief Operating Officer

Adam Brock

Senior Director, Data Protection

LYP Leadership

Scott Farmer

Chief Executive Officer

LaToya (Niecey) Freeman

Director of Learning & Development

Steven Gorel

Vice President of Client Success

Matt Toft

Director of Solutions & Innovation

PatientSync Leadership

Matt Chandler

Chief Executive Officer

Clint Holliday

Chief Innovation Officer

Sarah McConnaughey

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Mock

Vice President of Product