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Always on, always ready and always committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. That CAN DO mindset fuels our team 24/7 as they deliver top-notch service and best-in-class solutions to healthcare practices.

As practices are re-opening, our Patient Care Associates are answering our client’s phones around the clock. We are managing a surge of patient calls and making sure appointments are booked quickly and accurately so patients can get the healthcare they had put on-hold months ago.

Throughout this crisis and beyond, our IT experts are working on-site and remotely keeping systems running for clinicians and providers. Our Patient Shield team is systemically monitoring for business continuity issues and preventing cyber attacks from happening. Hundreds of security patches are being deployed to fend off the heightened effort of hackers.

Here are a few snapshots of our team in action, as we pave the path for healthcare practices to thrive in a new normal.

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“Path Forward adjusted quickly to the changes being thrown at them during the COVID-19 pandemic, rescheduling 5,000+ patients, implementing and scheduling Telehealth appointments, providing screening instructions to patients and ensuring we are prepared for the reopening of the surgical center.”

-An orthopaedic group serving patients across three mid-western states

Using Real Time Appointment Management and IT Services



One of our orthopaedic partners in California needed to rapidly transition to telehealth, but they were struggling to find a solution for quickly and consistently communicating login instructions to their patients.  Within 24 hours, using our iVY Works guided workflow system, we were able to develop a solution that automatically delivers a provider-specific customized email to each patients within seconds of an appointment being scheduled.  The email not only provides appointment information and provider specific instructions to join their telehealth visit online, but it also delivers customized questionnaires based on their ailment and appointment type.

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"Within 24 hours, Path Forward's team was on the phones, contacting thousands of our patients to reschedule appointments originally set for March and April. They also provided screening questions to patients when calling to schedule new appointments for the safety of other patients and our staff."

-A Florida-based orthopaedic practice

Using Rapid Response Communications solutions