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Why Nimble Storage?

It’s Predictive

The number one reason customers are choosing Nimble Storage over competitors is its integration with HPE InfoSight’s predictive analytics. InfoSight has the ability to predict and resolve more than 86% of data center storage issues before you even realize there could have been a problem. In fact, it’s the first and only predictive analytics platform built into storage. And what’s best, it’s only getting smarter.

Meets Hybrid IT Needs

Nimble Storage solutions are also ideal for today’s hybrid IT model. Unlike others in the storage market, Nimble’s architecture spans across all-flash, hybrid flash, on-premises and public cloud environments. With HPE Cloud Volumes, it’s the perfect enterprise-grade storage service for AWS or Microsoft Azure.

All-flash Storage

All-flash storage is one of the biggest technology shifts in the last 30 years and is quickly becoming the new normal. HPE Nimble Storage makes the transition easy thanks to its 99.9999% reliability, its radically simple buy, install and use ability, and its Quality of Service efficiency.

Additional Benefits:

Robust, always-on data services with simple config. and order

Built-in app aware snaps and replication including 6-nines HA

Connectivity behind iSCSI or FC

Customer installable upgrades with fully-automated support

Balanced value with mix of cost and flash-optimized data services


HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

  • Disaggregated HCI extends hyperconvergence to workloads with unpredictable growth, scaling compute and storage independently.
  • Hyperconverged control collapses storage and compute silos and all data services can be managed exclusively in VMware vCenter.
  • Resilient design center for 99.9999% availability with no single point of failure and advanced data integrity to tolerate three simultaneous dive failures. [1]
  • Low-latency performance as low as 200 microseconds data response with automatic QoS to ensure fast performance for every app. [4]
  • Industry-leading data efficiency with advanced data reduction and a modern OS providing up to 21X data reduction.