Our Leaders

Path Forward is an inclusive, nationwide team of 500+ team members. Here are a few of our key personnel working to serve our team and clients:

Dale Montgomery

Chief Technology Officer

aka "Sultan of Standards."  Writer of PowerShell.  Rider of choppers.  Hitter of volleyballs.  Player of the Ping Pong.  Shooter of the paintball.  Rider of the motocross.  Closet board gamer.
  • Catchphrase: "Just to be clear..."
  • I wish I could... live without sleep
  • Favorite App: ConnectWise Control
  • Favorite PF Core Value: Service

Catherine Stiene

Director of Talent

aka “The Interviewer.”  Hiring strategist.  Starbucks addict.  Dog mom.  Xavier soccer alum.  Results-driven.  Chicago native.  Exercise fanatic.  Food lover.  Passionate about helping others.
  • Catchphase: “Don’t hesitate to contact me”
  • I wish I could… be on the beach
  • Favorite App: Spotify
  • Favorite PF Core Value: Transparency

Ashlee Birt

Chief Information Officer

aka “Assassin of Problems.”  Lover of change.  Seeker of challenge.  Development guru.  Education addict.  Part-time analyst.  Radical candor believer.  Fitness enthusiast.  Animal lover.  Proud Veteran.  Climber of mountains.
  • Catchphrase:  “Just livin’ the dream”
  • I wish I could… teleport
  • Favorite App:  Sweat
  • Favorite PF Core Value: Ownership

Erin Pulsfort

Vice President of Integrations

aka "The Fixer."  Logistics guru.  Loves cooking and baking.  Shoeaholic.  Fueled by my next vacation/adventure.  Avid puzzler.  Movie junkie.  Wannabe gardener (green thumb).
  • Catchphrase:  "We can get the job done!"
  • I wish I could... be on a beach
  • Favorite App:  Nordstrom
  • Favorite PF Core Value: Integrity

Dana Bowling

Vice President of Business Development

aka “Jill of Many Trades.”  Fan of all things new.  Motivated by the words change and progress.  Music lover.  Wannabe fashion stylist.  Coffee connoisseur.  Proud wife and mother.
  • Catchphrase: “Let’s figure it out”
  • I wish I could… travel the world
  • Favorite App: Pinterest
  • Favorite PF Core Value: Service

Heather Recker

Chief Strategy Officer

aka “The Oracle.” Aggressively honest. Lifelong coach. Sunny days are “Heather” days. Knowledge sponge. Volleyball and Bulldog lover. Mother of three strong daughters.
  • Catchphrase: "What does the data tell us?"
  • I wish I could… Read… all day long
  • Favorite App:  Peloton
  • Favorite PF Core Value:  Respect

Sarah McConnaughey

Vice President of Finance

aka “Mathlete.”  Detail reporting and analytics guru.  British drama lover.  Wannabe professional baker.  Dance mom.  Sudoku junkie.
  • Catchphrase: “Let's run the numbers on that”
  • I wish I could… be in Alaska
  • Favorite App: Netflix
  • Favorite PF Core Value: Ownership

Marty O’Connor

Compliance Officer

aka “Privacy Watchdog.”  Sworn enemy of phishers and weak passwords.  Student of data integrity, privacy rights, and ancient languages.  Award-winning trainer (as in compliance, not abs).  Hustling father of four. 
  • Catchphrase: “Trust but verify.”
  • I wish I could… play center field for the Reds
  • Favorite App:  Google Podcasts
  • Favorite PF Core Value:  Ownership

Mindy Smyth

Vice President of Communications

aka "Word Nerd."  Strategy guru.  Published (ghost) writer.  Avid reader.  Dog lover.  Soccer mom.  CA native.  Aspiring health nut.  Mountain seeker.  UO Duck fan.  Mom to 3 great kids.
  • Catchphrase: "Let's keep our objective in mind"
  • I wish I could... be hiking
  • Favorite App: Rev.com
  • Favorite PF Core Value: Transparency

David Ledwith

Director of Sales

aka “People Person.”  Never met a stranger.  NC Lifer.  Dad to three.  Water sports enthusiast.  Lacrosse fanatic.  It’s a #GDTBATH.  Lover of sports.  Wannabe detective.  Give me the ball at the end of the game!
  • Catchphrase: “Tell me more”
  • I wish I could… be on a beach surfing
  • Favorite App: TripIT
  • Favorite PF Core Value: Integrity

Katie Powers

Vice President of Human Resources

aka “Employee Advocate.”  Lover of people and words.  1 of 7 kids.  Old soul.  Espresso and craft beer lover.  My kitchen is my happy place.  A yogi before kids.  Girl mom.
  • Catchphrase: “What are the next 3 steps?”
  • I wish I could…  be baking and drinking espresso
  • Favorite App:  Prime Now
  • Favorite PF Core Value: Transparency

Alena O’Donnell

Director of Culture

aka “The Aloha Advocator."  Coffee is my life source.  Lifelong learner.  Lover of the arts.  Supporter of local business.  Bridge builder.  Outward Bounder.  Fan of Culture Club.  Dream job is to be in the Coke commercial, “I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing.”
  • Catchphrase: “Bloom where you're planted”
  • I wish I could…  be hula-ing
  • Favorite App:  Spotify
  • Favorite PF Core Value: Inte-pathy (it’s a tie between Integrity and Empathy)

Nick Recker

President and Founder

aka "Dad." Eternal optimist. Sees opportunity in all challenges. Brings out the super powers in others. Patient. Visionary. Storyteller. Never met a stranger.
  • Catchphrase: “If it were easy everyone would do it"
  • I wish I could… play video games.
  • Favorite App:  Fortnite
  • Favorite PF Core Value:  All of them