Evolving the Role of a Managed Service Provider

Founder Nick Recker launched Path Forward IT – our legacy brand and first venture into the business of technology – when he landed a busy physician as his first client in 2002. With origins in healthcare IT services, the company developed rigorous protocols to withstand the highest demands for privacy, security, integration and infrastructure across enterprises. Today, Path Forward IT applies these elevated standards across a multitude of highly regulated, high-impact industries.

Path Forward IT has advanced the MSP relationship beyond connectivity and business continuity and has attained a national footprint helping businesses improve enterprise-level efficiency and effectiveness with unbiased guidance, seamless IT systems and applications support and an unrelenting commitment to service.

Managed IT Services You Can Rely On

The complexity of today’s IT environments puts a lot of stress on internal IT teams. It’s increasingly difficult to confidently manage in-house systems while ensuring the ongoing maintenance, patching and monitoring of your cyber security protection. Managed services from Path Forward IT help you regain a sense of control. Our experienced teams ensure your IT strategy supports your business goals while simultaneously handling routine maintenance, updates, and disaster recovery. With a long history of handling the complex, high-stakes technology needs of healthcare organizations, our seasoned engineers deliver the same high-caliber managed IT services to your business enterprise.

Unyielding Data Protection Solutions for Your Business

Your business continuity is only as strong as your ability to protect and quickly restore your critical data and IT infrastructure. Industry-leading support and managed services from Path Forward IT provide protection that never sleeps. With solutions developed to exceed the rigorous security and privacy protocols in place for healthcare, your IT systems and data are monitored 24/7/365 by experienced engineers and protected by best-in-class solutions. We believe security is non-negotiable, so we maintain and update a checklist of security requirements and recommended data protection solutions to ensure our clients keep pace with the ever-changing security landscape.

Modernize Your Business with Experienced IT Support Partners

Today’s leading-edge collaboration tools help your teams work more effectively, so your business can grow quickly and scale seamlessly. With the right collaboration systems in use, the world becomes your workplace. Our business IT support experts provide unbiased insight to help you select, implement, and configure the appropriate digital workplace tools to match your workflow. The results are robust, easy-to-use communication and collaboration solutions with the power to transform how and where you operate.

Finding the Right Cloud Services Configuration for Your Business

Free yourself from the expense and headaches of managing on-site solutions by moving your data, workloads, and applications to the cloud. Though cloud services may be the obvious solution for your organization, the process of getting there can be daunting. Our experienced engineers make your transition to the cloud smoother. With decades of experience providing IT support and services for healthcare organizations, we help you achieve the same high level of security, privacy, and efficiency in your organization. Let us help you capitalize on all the benefits of a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution while minimizing your risk of data loss or business interruption.

Comprehensive SaaS Services & Support

Our experienced engineers reduce the complexity of managing your technology by helping you select the optimal SaaS offering, deploy your solution quickly and efficiently, and support your ongoing needs. Using your organization’s workflow and business objectives as our guide, we ensure your applications are always up-to-date and fully optimized to keep pace with your business.

Audio/Video Services

Promote seamless, real-time experiences for more productive remote collaboration with your customers and team members. We can design, implement, integrate, and support leading-edge audio/video systems that maximize your budget and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

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