Path Forward’s Patient Contact Center leverages the same technologies, management tools and quality assurance analytics as the world’s leading consumer-facing call centers—all while reflecting the individuality of physicians and years of healthcare expertise.


What is it?

From your patients’ perspective, we are your practice. We answer patient calls just like you would, and work directly inside your practice’s EHR.

Why do I need it?

The healthcare marketplace is becoming more competitive, and first impressions matter more than ever. Of all industries, healthcare should feel the most personal, but long hold times make patients feel more like a number.

When does it work?

We answer calls 24/7/365. We’ve even got you covered during inclement weather with redundant operations. Gone are the days of being limited in after-hours service.

How does it work?

Our Patient Contact Center allows for unlimited patient access and real-time physician customization. We first collect every detail and nuance that makes your practice tick, then incorporate that information into our proprietary guided workflow technology.

What’s the impact?

This one is our favorite. Seamless patient experience, limitless customization, actionable data analytics, unparalleled customer service, and absolute peace of mind. Does it get any better?

Patient Contact Center Benefits

Whether working with an internal call center to minimize peak call times, or providing complete, turnkey patient access 24/7—agents work directly inside clients’ scheduling & EMR software.

All physician information, scheduling preferences, location details and insurance plans are stored in a centralized system that’s constantly kept up-to-date—so precisely the right information is available to agents instantly.

Having the ability to book appointments any time gives practices a competitive edge—and patients peace of mind since they don’t have to wait until traditional “office hours” to make an appointment.

Gone are the information “black holes” typical of traditional after-hours answering services. The Patient Contact Center ensures everything is documented directly in the patient record.

We offer individualized solutions with no retainer fees. You’re only charged when we start taking calls.

Our proprietary system analyzes all of your practice specifics and presents the information to the agent interactively, in real time.