Path Forward’s Approach to Online Reviews

We recognize that many employers choose to post only positive constructive responses, even to reviews that are inaccurate or attacks. While we respect their decision, we feel a strong responsibility to protect our current employees who uphold our standards and act as good stewards to each other and our clients.

Here is our values-driven approach to online employer reviews:

Come grow and move your career forward.

We Protect our People

We value transparency, respect the opinions of others, and are ready to own our faults. However, employer review sites can become an outlet for disgruntled people to retaliate for a situation that didn’t end in their favor. We respect our people and feel a responsibility to protect then, so we won’t we won’t tolerate vengeful posts that personally attack our hardworking team members. Every story has two sides. But to fully understand each situation requires a level of detail that can’t be explained well in a review post. Most often, the disgruntled reviewer doesn’t take responsibility for their part. Asking an employee to leave is always a last resort. We try to understand their point of view, provide additional training and go the extra mile to give them grace when necessary. But sometimes an employee doesn’t work out, and we need to part ways.

Values lead our work and our perspective on review sites everyday.

Our core values guide our decisions and actions, shape our culture, and create our community. They also guide this approach to online review sites. We hire our team members based on character–integrity, ability to show empathy, and commitment to great service. This values-based approach has proven successful in building the awesome team of people we have in place today!