Our Services

We help specialty medical practices stay focused on patients while growing their operations.

We understand that as practice leaders and physicians, you only have so much bandwidth. Confronted by rapid changes in technologies, care models, and patient expectations— today’s high-performing healthcare organizations engage best-in-class partners to expand capacity, enable them to scale, and adapt to continual change.

If you’re looking to accomplish more and grow your practice, Path Forward can help.

We focus on two areas of operation critical to high performance:
Information Technology and Patient Access Solutions.

IT Expertise

Our IT expertise supports your business goals. We offer technology tools that help you scale—not hold you back—so your practice becomes more efficient. You’ll gain the ability to adapt in real time to changes in practice operations and the shift to value-based care.

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We know how much specialty practices rely on technology to run their practice smoothly and scale operations for the future. But for many practices, technology acts as a hindrance, not a help.

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iVY Patient Scheduling

iVY gives patients what they want: To speak with a knowledgeable human and schedule appointments accurately at any time of day, by phone, mobile, or text.

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Patient Access Solutions

Scheduling directly into your EHR 24/7

IT Risk Management 

Protect your practice and patient information. Our Patient Shield auditing services, consulting and disaster recovery offerings improve your security posture and ensure you are back up and running within minutes of a disaster.

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Keep your practice operational, even when the worst happens.  

Your practice can be undone in a moment if your systems are compromised.

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A/V Services

We’ll help you use AV solutions to enhance your business and your life. Whether you want to equip your waiting room with a patient sign-in kiosk, add badge access to your small business, or create a smart home design, we can help. 

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Patients today expect a technology-enabled consumer experience at their doctor’s office — from the WiFi connection in the waiting room to the digital displays in the exam room — AV is an important part of the equation.