Patient Scheduling

iVY, our patient scheduling service, provides 24/7 access across all channels, with the ability to schedule directly into your EHR. 

Giving patients access to your practice—and to real, compassionate humans—sets them at ease and helps them feel valued. Live patient scheduling is also highly valued by every member of the practice, from the lab to the PM to the front desk. 

iVY protects what’s unique about your practice while helping you: 

  • Deliver consistent, high-quality service for all patients
  • Maximize your appointment schedule
  • Uphold each physician’s scheduling preferences
  • Schedule accurately every day, all day with guided workflow
  • Uncover more capacity for your front office
  • Slash the on-boarding time for staff from six months to just two weeks
  • Use metrics and performance data to make better decisions
  • Be proactive with patients through outbound calling


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Offering 24/7/365 live patient scheduling has been a real game changer for us.

Jewett is committed to making orthopaedic care easily accessible, and Path Forward’s iVY patient scheduling solutions are an important part of that promise. The iVY team’s clear understanding of healthcare and exceptionally great service are a seamless extension of our practice.

Jon Albert

Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic

Simplify patient scheduling with iVY 

Our associates can work in tandem with your team, or take over your call center whenever you need them—full time, for overflow, after hours, or on-demand.

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