Who We Work With


Having spent nearly 20 years solely dedicated to healthcare IT, we’ve served thousands of physicians and practices, Health Systems, Hospital Systems, and Physician Organizations across the U.S. including these specialties:

Specializing in all EMRs on the market since 2002 including:  Allscripts, Athena, Cerner, GE Centricity, Epic Systems, Mosaiq, Nextgen, OncoEMR, SRS Health, Varian and many more.


SMB Enterprise

We offer customizable solutions to meet the needs of growing businesses. After two decades of fine-tuning our processes for the high demands of healthcare, and now we’ve extended our high-quality, 24/7/365 services to small and medium sized business enterprises outside of healthcare. We serve this market with IT enterprise strategy and planning, hardware product selection and replacement, AV products and services, security support plans, network monitoring, managed end-point protection, network and server maintenance, onsite consulting and more.

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Private Equity

As an enablement partner for healthcare acquisition firms, we work to grow, stabilize and protect your practice investment in accordance with leading industry standards and your team’s strategies for a successful and profitable exit.

We are successfully helping portfolio practices:

  • GROW faster by establishing a standardized technical platform that positions a healthcare practice portfolio for future acquisitions and integrations;
  • PROTECT patient data in accordance with HIPAA privacy standards including data recovery solutions that are specific to EMR-formatted data and accessible even during a recovery effort, ensuring business continuity;
  • MEASURE and monitor appointment volume and type, by provider, giving you a real-time view of the income projections ahead of insurance reimbursements, enabling earlier intervention if needed.
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